Digital Essay #3: Industry Analysis


Write a 700-1000 word essay that discusses the impact of (a) digital technology on one of the media industries (film, television, video games, music, etc.).

You need to cite at least one class reading and at least one outside source (journalism or online source is okay).

Make sure you include both specific details and broader conclusions/argument. For the specific details, you might want to analyze a particular film, show, digital technique, online space, etc., rather than trying to talk about the whole industry. At the same time, you want to make sure your argument in the essay has implications that are broader than one particular text, even if they don’t speak to the media or the digital as a whole.

As always, you must use at least three non-text elements in your blog post, such as links to other sites, images, embedded videos, or GIFs.

Some Ideas

  • How a particular digital visual effect (motion capture, MASSIVE, CGI) changes the experience/production of movies.
  • How social media is changing our experience with television.
  • How YouTube is the future of television.
  • How digital means allow films/shows/media to be distributed and shared in a new way.
  • How digital technology has transformed music production OR distribution/reception.


  • Consider the whole post (including visual elements and links) as part of your composition. Arrange your visual material carefully to both look nice and relate to/support your writing.
  • Your main idea should be a concept that ties all of your examples and observations together into a bigger idea. A main idea is not an observation, a statement, or an evaluation. It’s more like an argument, an interpretation, or an opinion.

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