Media Event #2 (and #3)


Write a blog post of at least 250 words responding to a media event that you have attended on the Emory campus after Spring Break.

You may also attend a third media event and follow the same assignment to receive extra credit. This will make up for a missed class or missed contribution to the Google Doc, whichever would boost your grade the most.

Media events that count include speakers and film screenings (such as the Wednesday night Cinematheque) sponsored by the Emory Department of Film and Media Studies. See our Facebook page for a full list of events! (If the event is not sponsored by Film and Media, you need to check ahead of time with me to see if it counts.)

Make sure your blog post includes:

  • A description of the event
  • Your reaction or what you learned
  • Thoughts about how it relates to what we’ve learned in class
  • Three non-text elements!

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