Option 2 for Final Project: Research Project with Creative Elements

Option 2: Research Project with Creative Elements

Research Paper

The bulk of this project should comprise a research paper of at least 2400 words. The topic of the paper is completely up to you, as long as it relates to digital media and the topics of this class in some way.

The main object of this assignment is research. You must include a bibliography of at least 5 works consulted. Of these five sources, you should have:

  • at least 1 book
  • at least 2 other scholarly sources (what does this mean?)–books or articles
  • the other sources can be journalistic/popular sources, non-academic online sources, or other

You also need to reference at least two of our class readings in relation to your topic.

Creative Elements

Your research project needs to have at least 2 creative elements that you create yourself. Most likely, this will involve some visualization of your research, such as in a chart or infographic. It also might involve some creative use of your online space; for instance, instead of putting all 2400 words on one page, you might create multiple linked pages to convey the information.

You might think of some other way to be creative with your research project (such as making a video). It’s okay for it to blur the line a bit between the two options, but if you go with this option, just make sure your research is primary.

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