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For our screening on Thursday, April 7, we will be doing a live-tweet of two episodes of Empire. For this, you will need a Twitter account. You can easily sign up here: with any email address. If you already have a Twitter account, you are welcome to use it, or you may create a new one just for this class (you need a separate email address to do that).

We will be using the hashtag #dmcult to keep track of all of our tweets, so you won’t have to follow my Twitter or anyone else’s. You are also welcome to use the #Empire hashtag for the show, though we will be watching the first two episodes of Season 1 (from 2015) to avoid spoilers for anyone who wants to catch up with the show and watch Season 3 (premiering tomorrow!). Therefore, the “live”-tweet will be live for us, but not for the show itself.

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