Website Completion and Reflection Blog Post


By this due date, your website should be complete, meaning that you have made all of the changes and updates you’d like to make before I grade you for your website. As stated on the syllabus, your class website is worth 10% of your final grade. You will be graded on your effort throughout the class to make a functional, organized, and creative site to put your work. I will gauge this effort by looking at your feedback and grades for the website so far, along with your final blog post about the website and my observations about the site.

Once you have made all of the updates and changes you want to make, write a blog post of 250-500 words reflecting on your website and the experience of making it. Describe your website and the design and functionality goals that you had for it. Then evaluate your website based on these goals. Did you reach these goals? What major changes did you make to reach these goals? Are there additional things you would like to add or change in the future? Finally, reflect on the process of making this website and what you learned by doing it (about web design, digital media, online writing, digital communication, etc.).

Make sure you use your three non-text elements. Links or screenshots of the changes you made would be especially appreciated.

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