YouTube Night!

For our screening on Wednesday, April 8, we will be looking at a wide range of YouTube (or other online) videos. It is up to you as a class to decide what videos we will watch. Each of you is responsible for selecting 3 minutes worth of online videos (it could be part of one long video, or many shorter videos, or brief selections from various videos). In the screening, you’ll say something about why you selected the videos you did and then we’ll play them and watch together.

Due by Wednesday, April 8, at 4 pm–fill out the Google Doc spreadsheet with your video selections. Do some research and find out the original author (who made the video in the first place) and when it was first posted. Give as much information as you have. If you want to only play a small piece of the video, be sure to give time markers.

Remember–you can only select 3 minutes worth of videos!

If you want to share others with the class (or want to make anonymous suggestions), you can use this extra Google Doc.

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