Final Paper

Introduction Demonetization on YouTube has, within the past two years, become a widely-talked about issue, especially in the YouTube community. Since the “Adpocalypse,” wherein YouTube began monitoring videos much more closely to ensure that only ad-friendly content receives ads and therefore revenue, more and more, generally advertiser-friendly, YouTubers have discovered their income dwindling and barely-sensitive … Continue reading Final Paper

News Response #10 (extra credit)

YouTube, as a result of the backlash it has been facing about its inability to properly restrict inappropriate child-targeted content, has introduced a new feature for parents to choose which channels they allow their children to view on YouTube. I think this is interesting because while it does mimic the parental restrictions that televisions allow … Continue reading News Response #10 (extra credit)

News Response #9

Maryland has passed legislation that would require school officials to create health and safety guidelines for the use of digital devices in school. This is interesting to me mainly because I am from Maryland, and went to a public high school there, and looking back on it, there was quite a bit of integration of … Continue reading News Response #9

Extra Credit Response #2

Last week, I attended the Cinematheque screening of sitcoms. We watched an episode of Good Times, in which the family argues about politics, as James wants to stick to voting for the candidate he has always voted for, and the rest of the family wants to vote for someone new. We also watched an episode of The … Continue reading Extra Credit Response #2

Final Creative Project Draft

For my final creative project, I plan on editing together a YouTube video showing what has been censored, or what people have attempted to censor, in the past. As the video goes on, the clips of things will become shorter and more numerous, showing not only the greater breadth of information available but also how … Continue reading Final Creative Project Draft

News Response #8

The shooter at YouTube’s headquarters was recently revealed to be a YouTuber herself, and one that was a rather well-known vegan and animal rights activist. The thing that caught my attention about this story was the fact that the shooting was, while not exactly predictable, not exactly surprising considering the content of her videos. Apparently … Continue reading News Response #8

Final Project Draft

A (very brief) history of U.S. censorship Although the First Amendment technically prohibits the U.S. government from censoring the people, exceptions have legally been made throughout history, generally during wars to protect national security, and often through the restriction of printed material, such as book banning and the restriction of the press. There are, of … Continue reading Final Project Draft

News Response #7

In response to the Cambridge Analytica crisis, Facebook has announced that it will introduce a new centralized privacy settings page, instead of placing different aspects of privacy control in several different parts of the account settings pages. The most interesting thing, to me, about this announcement, is that there are apparently no new aspects to … Continue reading News Response #7