Final Project Research Paper

On august 29th, 1997 in Scotts valley, California, Reed Hastings and Marc Randolph started something that did not seem like a turning point in the entertainment industry. This was the birth of Netflix. A company that offered online movie rentals, nothing special. Soon after coming into the entertainment business, they realized the need to revise… Continue Reading →

Website reflection

The black and white picture of a road leading into an unknown forest started to give off the vibe of uncertainty, which is something I wanted to get rid of as I felt more aware and knowledgeable than before. A lot of writing had been done this semester, so I wanted to use a background… Continue Reading →

News Response 11

The article explores problems related to content-appropriateness on a platform that is very delicate today: Youtube Kids. Its basic model is that it is supposed to only contain child friendly content but according to reports, there has been a lot of disturbing content that kids should not be exposed to at an early age as… Continue Reading →

Creative Project- An original content Film proposal

Where is Home?   This piece of work follows the journey through life of an immigrant, Amir, as he leaves his home country to pursue higher education in a land that is foreign to him. Through the various differences that he sees and experiences, he starts to understand how people around the world can be… Continue Reading →

News response 10

  Video games have been a huge part of most people’s childhoods since the time they were invented. Of course, the fact that you could relive a situation over and over again through simulation to get results and move forward in a storyline sounds so fascinating. This article brought up an oft discussed topic in… Continue Reading →

Kyle Stevens-Extra credit event

This event featured Kyle Stevens discussing his own work about the very essence of various forms of media and how they are perceived. For example, the fact that he mentioned how when we hear an instrument, we do not really hear it, but the sound of it. That was something that opened up my mind… Continue Reading →

News Response 9

Web privacy is a hot debate today, considering Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook had to answer questions in Congress about data privacy and his responsibility to users. Today, the reason why social networking sites like Facebook are so big is because they operate by obtaining data from users and then selling that data to… Continue Reading →

Parents can be such BLOCKERS: Extra credit event

This movie was a classic rollercoaster of emotions woven into an exciting storyline. It explored the intricacies of parent-child relationships and how ideological differences centered around age and generation gap could cause serious, but sometimes funny conflict. I was also really excited to see John Cena, one of my childhood wrestling idols, on screen as… Continue Reading →

News response 8   The article discusses the importance of journalistic freedom and how its challenged and endangered by political leaders. It also underscores the dangers of mistakenly labelling something as ‘fake news’ when its not. According to the article, the fact that a prominent leader like the President of the United States of America engages in… Continue Reading →