An Exploration Into The Symbiotic Relationship Between Minecraft and Youtube

Minecraft is a broad, multi-faceted video game that allows players to express themselves in a multitude of opportunities. Youtube is a similarly broad platform which encourages people to express themselves through video content. Minecraft provides Youtube with desired content for a range of audiences. Approximately one year from this coming Tuesday, the indie video game Minecraft … Continue reading An Exploration Into The Symbiotic Relationship Between Minecraft and Youtube

Reflection #2

When I initially started this website I wanted to create a space where I could discuss various topics of digital culture. I focused on events that featured a party or institution enforcing their will on the public. However, I was not able to achieve the output of posts that I had hoped for over the … Continue reading Reflection #2

My Creative Project

For the last few weeks I have been creating a small Minecraft project as a demonstration of my relationship as a Youtube subscriber/viewer to several Minecraft Youtubers (Grian, BDoubleO100, and Jamziboy) where I follow several tutorial videos and incorporate the schematics into my build. More specifically, I have used modification software to enhance my builds … Continue reading My Creative Project

Welcome to Zucktown

Recently Facebook announced the development of a neighborhood outside Palo Alto. The project is named Willow Village and features 1,500 apartments as well as parks, plazas, and various other cultural amenities. Critics of the project have dubbed it “Zucktown” after Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerburg. Google also announced that it plans to build its own community … Continue reading Welcome to Zucktown

The Popularity of Minecraft & Youtube: An Infographic

Infographic My project deals with the relationship between the social media platform Youtube and the video game Minecraft. While many people may know of Minecraft from their children or from their own lives, the true scope of Mojang’s hit might surprise casual players. The purpose of this infographic is to inform non-players of the financial … Continue reading The Popularity of Minecraft & Youtube: An Infographic

Stop Trending

In the wake of the recent mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, a video appeared at the top of Youtube’s Trending tab claiming that one of the student protesters, David Hogg, was in fact an actor working on behalf of some politician to push gun control regulation. Unsurprisingly, Youtube and Facebook were criticized … Continue reading Stop Trending

On Wired

I’ve recently started receiving news from Wired. As someone interested in digital culture and digital media, Wired struck me as a no-brainer source for related information. Wired breaks down their news into seven categories: Business, Culture, Gear, Ideas, Science, Security, and Transportation. I find these categories appurtenant to the digital age at large and I … Continue reading On Wired

Minecraft and I

I started playing Minecraft in 2012, shortly after the full game launched. I was a freshman in high school with a new laptop and I couldn’t wait to stay up all night exploring and building and fighting my way through a blocky, graphically-simplistic world. I became addicted to the power I had over my sandbox. Here … Continue reading Minecraft and I