Final Paper

When one thinks of Virtual Realty, for many, the first thing to come to mind is movies like the Matrix. They think of a world that is completely made up but also completely immersive for anyone in it. In recent times a version of Virtual Reality has become a reality for the public. This VR […]

FranK Reaction (Extra Credit)

So I went to watch the pilot premiere of FranK this Sunday. First off, I would like to commend the quality of work done by both the theater and media departments of Emory. They made a very professional product that looked very professional. That being said, I found the show to look more like a […]

Reflection 2

So in trying to modify my page to how I truly wanted it, I ran into a lot of walls that the only work around was to pay. For example, I wanted to add background music, but that required a plugin, which required business model, which is a payed model. I changed my theme to […]

Creative Project Final

(Note: Due to software used, please read the panels from right to left.) My final project is a comic. It explores an idealistic future where VR allows for a one hundred percent immersive experience. Immersive to the point where it is basically a dream that someone is put into and can live a separate life … Continue reading Creative Project Final


This week, probably like everyone else, I choose an article about Mark Zuckerberg and his visit to the House and Senate. In light of all the Facebook privacy issues that have happened recently, Zuckerberg was called up to capital hill to discuss the problems his sight created and ways that privacy breeches could be prevented. … Continue reading Zuckerberg

A City of the Future

This week I picked an article that talks about the creation of a city of the future where a military base used to be. The new city is very close to Boston and its development is being headed up by LStar and General Electric. The author basically describes it as the utopian city of the … Continue reading A City of the Future

Final Paper Rough

For my rough draft of my final research paper, I decided to talk about a couple more resources I have found. Here is the link to the first article. This article was divided into three sections. The first section is something I have already discussed a lot. It cover the use of VR to prepare … Continue reading Final Paper Rough

Isle of Dogs Discussion

This is an extra credit response to Isle of Dogs, shown last Sunday at a pre screening. First off, I really liked the movie. It was very Wes Anderson with its snappily delivered dialogue and  stiff motions. Also the way the movie was divided into chapters is another big Wes Anderson trope. Although they segment … Continue reading Isle of Dogs Discussion

Social Media Downfall

The article that I read this week talks about how bad social media has become and possible ways to fix it. The author opens by addressing all of the recent issues such as data leaks, linked videos, advertisements, etc. and how these things have made the social media platforms a lot less comfortable to use. … Continue reading Social Media Downfall