Final Research Paper

The Rise of Podcast and the Decline of Radio Podcast consumption has skyrocketed since the inception of the media form. About 40% of Americans 12 and older listen to podcasts monthly (Edison Research, 2017). Podcasts are undeniable in their breadth throughout cyber culture, their uses in mediums outside of entertainment, and their impact towards their … Continue reading Final Research Paper

Final Website Update

           For my final website update I made a number of changes. Initially I just made aesthetic changes. I changed the font of the main header and the subheaders of each blog post. I also changed the color palette of the website as well. Initially it was shades of grey and … Continue reading Final Website Update

Extra Credit Response 3

This past Monday night, I saw the unreleased upcoming film, “Sorry to Bother You”, directed and written by Boots Riley. The film starred Lakeith Stanfield and included other big names such as Danny Glover, Armie Hammer, and Tessa Thompson. The film followed Cassius Green, Lakeith Stanfield, as he becomes increasingly successful in his job as … Continue reading Extra Credit Response 3

News Response 10

This week I read, “Avengers,’ the Most Lucrative Movie Franchise Ever, Is Wrapping Up. Why?”, an article in the New York Times about the accumulation of the Avengers franchise that has included 18 films that interweave story lines and characters.  The first part to the Avengers: Infinity War movie is premiering April 27, with lots … Continue reading News Response 10

Extra Credit Event Response 1

Dr. Ethan Tussey’s discussion of his book “Hunched and Harried: The Value of Mobile Device Distraction” discussed the ways in which modern media and technology have infiltrated spaces in our lives to extent we’ve never seen before. He discusses a concept of “lack of boredom” because of how connected we are to our devices. As … Continue reading Extra Credit Event Response 1

Creative Final Project

My final creative project was to create a podcast that followed an outline and structure I had researched on how to make a successful podcast. I used a Snowball microphone and recorded the podcast on Garageband on my computer. All editing was done within Garageband, I was able to import the intro and outro music … Continue reading Creative Final Project

News Response 10

This week I read the article, Review: ‘Westworld’ Gets a Partial Upgrade for Season 2, in the New York Times. The creators of Westworld had teased fans by releasing a video containing spoilers to season 2 of the acclaimed show. Fans were instead treating to a Westworld “rickroll”. The video contained star Evan Rachel Wood … Continue reading News Response 10

Final Creative Project Draft

Podcast following trend of most popular podcasts   -split show into discussing show material and then reflecting the set-up of the show and why this style of show is popular   Intro: -introduce hosts, create intimacy with audience   Middle: -discuss topics of the show -personal anecdotes   Ending: -Close out show -allude to next … Continue reading Final Creative Project Draft

News Response 9

I read the article, An Inside Look at Your Favorite Dating Sites, discusses the popularity of dating apps. Dating apps have transformed as they’ve become more and more popular. For example, has appeared which targets a niche audience of not only farmers but people who subscribe to a “country” living. The League is another … Continue reading News Response 9

News Response 8

The article, Sleeping in Car and Visiting Gun Range: How YouTube Attacker Spent Final Hours, from the New York Times discussed the events on Tuesday surrounding the YouTube headquarters shooting. Nasim Najafi Aghdan was a content creator on YouTube, uploading videos about veganism and Persian culture as well as a variety of other topics. Aghdan … Continue reading News Response 8