News Response: Yahoo’s Data Breach

Altaba, the company formerly known as Yahoo, is being fined $35 million for deceiving its investors by not disclosing “one of the biggest data breaches in internet history.” Personal data was stolen from many Yahoo users when Russian hackers breached the site in December 2014. The Securities and Exchange Commission alleged that senior managers and […]

Zelle and the rise of mobile banking fraud

Zelle, a bank owned application for money transfers, experiences fraud at an alarming rates. Zelle is marketed as a secure application due to its inception of a bank-owned application, but its system is less secure than users would expect. There is no dual authentication system before sending the money, and the system relies on the […]

No. 12: YouTube’s Right-Wing Censorship

This past year, YouTube has become increasingly committed to removing harmful content from their platform. Right-wing channels are accusing the site of targeting their content. David Seaman, a right-wing YouTuber, became popular with his conspiracy videos covering topics like the Parkland shooting and the democratic party. His videos racked up impressive amounts of views totaling […]

Chinese Social Media Sina Weibo Reverses Gay Content Ban

This past Friday, Chinese social media company Sina Weibo announced that in a campaign to remove pornographic and violent content from its website it would be banning gay content as well. The company received intense backlash against this homophobic move, with hashtags like #Iamgay and slogans like “gays aren’t scary;” Sina Weibo decided to reverse […]


This week, probably like everyone else, I choose an article about Mark Zuckerberg and his visit to the House and Senate. In light of all the Facebook privacy issues that have happened recently, Zuckerberg was called up to capital hill to discuss the problems his sight created and ways that privacy breeches could be prevented. … Continue reading Zuckerberg

News Response: Zuckerberg in Court

Mark Zuckerberg is finally facing Congress for the first time in light of the recent Cambridge Analytica incident. The hearings, which started just yesterday, had lawmakers question Zuckerberg about such matters like how third-party partners could get users’ data without their knowledge, and what Zuckerberg plans to do so that something like this doesn’t happen […]

No. 11: Teen Mom China

China’s newest internet trend is a bit unexpected–teen moms are beginning to attract followers and views on social media platforms. According to The New York Times two video apps were taken off the market this past week when state CCTV said that they were “promoting underage pregnancy.” This segment from CCTV shows a compilation of some of […]

YouTube Illegally Collects Data on Children

20 Consumer Advocacy groups are suing YouTube, Google owned company, for its collection of children user’s data. YouTube Kids app is violating the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by not having parental permission for the collection of information on children under the age of 13. YouTube Kids app has been experiencing many problems lately–the YouTube Kids […]

No. 10: Twitter & the Spread of Misinformation

This past Tuesday, Nasim Najafi Aghdam, shot three YouTube employees at their headquarters in California before taking her own life. The shooter was a YouTuber herself and expressed anger with the company’s policies. The news of the shooting was initially posted to Twitter. Buzzfeed reports that quickly after this first tweet, people began posting fake information, hoaxes, and […]

A City of the Future

This week I picked an article that talks about the creation of a city of the future where a military base used to be. The new city is very close to Boston and its development is being headed up by LStar and General Electric. The author basically describes it as the utopian city of the … Continue reading A City of the Future