Research Essay Rough Draft

Uber has progressed immensely since it was created just over ten years ago. Designed as a rideshare system to beat out the current transportation mechanisms, Uber certainly succeeded from its reduction in price, faster speed, and general efficiency for millions of individuals to get from place to place, whether the distance be small or far. … Continue reading Research Essay Rough Draft

Disney Plus Research Essay Rough Draft

What do Captain America, Darth Vader, Cinderella, Mike Wazowski, Jeff Goldblum, and Apollo moon missions all have in common? You can stream them all on the brand spanking new Disney Plus streaming service.  Released only 5 days ago, this past November 12th, it already has 10 million subscribers. To put that into perspective, both Hulu and Netflix’s…

Research Essay Rough Draft

Introduction: I am 19 years old and I do not know how to drive. I grew up in New York where most people don’t have cars; instead they rely entirely on other forms of transportation. Now, more and more, this is becoming the norm everywhere with the invention and proliferation of ride share applications such … Continue reading Research Essay Rough Draft

Research Paper Rough Draft

Introduction: Last semester, I went out on a limb and edited a meme-related video. Edited on a computer on the first floor of the library, a video titled “polygon’s brian david gilbert out of context,” in which I took funny…

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Research Essay Rough Draft

Sports is an integral part of American culture. As UN Secretary General Kofi Anna put it: “Sport has a unique power to attract, mobilize and inspire. By its very nature, sport is about participation. It is about inclusion and citizenship.” Sports have this unifying force that other industries cannot replicate. There are multiple different groups … Continue reading Research Essay Rough Draft

Final paper draft

Privacy is defined as “the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people.” That applies to all kinds of scenarios including the digital world. One fundamental of digital privacy is when people are using the internet and connected devices without compromising their information. However, when it comes to online […]

Social Media Marketing Research Essay Draft

The year is 2019, and social media has become engrained into our language. Now more than ever, companies are turning to new platforms to showcase their products, interact closely with consumers, and increase revenue. Everyone’s eyes are glued to screens, and it makes sense brands are capitalizing off of that. In fact, last march, an…