A Reflection on the news of the Apple HomePod

In the article Apple HomePod Review: Super Sound, but Not Super Smart, Joanna Stern has tested out the functions of Apple’s new released smart speaker – HomePod, had has compared this product with other two widely used smart speakers Amazon Echo and Google Home.

The article basically covers every perspective of deciding the quality of a smart speaker. She points out that, HomePod completely beats Google and Amazon when functions as a speaker. The sound from HomePod is extraordinary. However, HomePod only supports playing music from Apple Music and only Apple devices can pair with a HomePod. On the other side, however, Google Home and Amazon Echo support multiple applications like Spotify and Google Play Music.

Despite the fact that HomePod plays good music, the assistant Siri fails in some ways as artificial intelligence. It turns out Siri cannot tell you your schedules or call you an Uber like Google Assistant and Alexa do.

Moreover, HomePod sells at a price of $350, which is three more times higher than the $100 Amazon Echo.


Joanna Stern indicates that, although Siri appeared way earlier than Google Assistant and Alexa, Apple did not use it to develop smart speakers but put all emphasis on developing iPhone. She also questions if Apple can still win this battle after Google Home and Amazon Echo have already taken much of the market share like what iPod has done.

Smart Speakers is a giant step of technology development. It makes me think about Murray’s comparison of computer to “an autonomous, animate being” and “an extension of our own consciousness”(Murray, 125).