Blog Post 1

Over the course of the semester, I plan on focusing on Buzzfeed News alongside the New York Times. While both are left leaning new sources, the New York times covers a much wider range than Buzzfeed News given that the New York Times is devoted strictly to News while only one section of Buzzfeed focuses on news. Looking over Buzzfeed  News throughout the past week, it appears that Buzzfeed does a good job of focusing on social and political issues while using government and law enforcement as sources. However, Buzzfeed has more articles relating to social issues such as the LGBTQ community more than the New York Times does. Buzzfeed also has more things quoted by everyday people while the New York Times is more formal. I think it will be interesting to look at how each source presents the same news and how it is a reflection of our culture.

Looking at something as crucial as the State of the Union Address that occurred on January 29th, it was very interesting to look at the way the two websites talked about the address. Buzzfeed, appealing more towards entertainment, wrote an article that compared Trumps presidency to a reality TV show that is now starting season 2. The article went through Trump’s staff and joked about how some were “stars on the rise”. In the NY times however, one article was much more fact based and fact checked Trumps State of the Union address looking at how Trump ignored context for many of his facts about taxes, and how some of his facts about taxes were false. By comparing these two articles alone, one can begin to see how Buzzfeed takes a more entertaining perspective while the New York times takes a more analytical approach while both still being left leaning news sources.