Blog Post #1

In addition to the New York Times, I have decided to use NPR to keep up with current events. I chose this after texting my mom and asking what sources she uses to track the news. My mom is a huge influence in my life and has always been begging me to appreciate the news more. In the past year, my mom has become quite a political activist, attending many rallies, marches, and even a “choir for the revolution”. I figured that if my mom trusts a source, I should too.

From the looks of it, the NPR website seems to be designed more like an internet page, as opposed to the New York Times’ layout that resembles a real newspaper. NPR also has less advertisements, which I appreciate, along with more plentiful and larger photos for each article. Although I haven’t taken advantage of it yet, NPR also has a way to access the broadcasts happening on the radio–maybe I’ll listen in sometime. On the other hand, the New York Times has a section on the home page that separates articles into categories, such as politics, world, arts, technology, etc.

Overall, both of these platforms overwhelm me. I have never tried to follow the news, especially not for extended periods of time. Hopefully I’ll learn some good habits and tricks for deciphering these media!