Blog Post #9

One article I found very relevant to what has been going on in the news in regards to social media, is the whole court case that has been going on with Mark Zuckerberg. One article in The New York Times looked at how Facebook let brands and politicians target us. Various advertising companies have found the use of advertising on Facebook, to the point where one in five dollars spent on online advertising in the United States is going toward Facebook. The article goes into how Facebook started introducing new features around 2009 that had people click a “like” button, which allowed Facebook to target advertisements towards things that people have liked. However, in 2011, Facebook introduced a third party, Custom Audiences, which allowed companies to upload their own lists of people to target. In 2014, advancements continues and Facebook ads began to evolve allowing advertisers to pinpoint people more precisely than ever before. These new advancements allowed companies to target people based on demographics like salary, number of open credit lines, car make and model, and whether a user fit into a category as “trendy moms.” In 2014, Facebook also incorporated users’ online browsing history into their ad-targeting platform. Facebook continued to get more and more specific, even targeting Ethnic Affinity.


I found this article very interesting because it showed how much Facebook has learned about us as the years have gone on. In an attempt to make money through advertising, Facebook has continuously made greater strides towards finding out everything they can about us. As people start noticing the lack of privacy associated with Facebook there is an apparent backlash. People want to feel safe on the internet and Facebook has violated their privacy. I think it’ll be interesting to see how people continue to fight against the lack of privacy, and how Facebook responds.