CMF Screening

On January 16th, I attended the screening hosted by Campus Movie Fest in White Hall 208 at 7:30PM. A total of 168 candidates participated in this year’s Campus Movie Fest, although we only had time to screen 16 movies that evening.

Numerous genres and subgenres including documentary, thriller, comedy, were covered by these 16 films. There were also movies touching on anti-racism and LGBTQ. I remember a documentary of queer dancers doing improvisations with their bodies, the black and white filter that applied to the whole movie and the close-ups of the dancers’ bodies make the movie more powerful on the topic it expresses. Another movie that caught my attention has a very creative form. It has an actor acting and the other character a hand-drawn figure talking with the actor. The whole story is very funny and innovative.

I went to the screening also as a friend of a candidate. My friend Hank Chen and his three friends made a documentary called Nian, meaning “year” in Chinese. They invited 17 students to talk about their experiences of celebrating Lunar New Year and asked them to call their parents on camera. The movie was both amusing and touching, and the reaction from the audiences was uplifting. At the end, they won the Jury Award among all these movies and their movie is going to the national competition in June.