Film 208 News Response 1

For my secondary news source, I’ve chosen to follow the podcast The Daily. The Daily aims to cover the headlining news in 20 minutes; a value of time consumable by most news followers. I’ve listened to the Daily in the past and I chose it because for two reasons; I’ve been meaning to listen to it more consistently and I support the raise in podcast consumption. Additionally, I think it conveys news very differently from the New York Times. On a basic matter, it conveys the news through a medium in which people can do other activities instead of having to focus their attention on reading it. The other, arguably more important way it differs, is that it only allots 20 minutes to convey the news. Therefore, there is an assumption when listening to this podcast that you are getting news based off of what the producers of the podcast deemed was a priority. Although most news sources are biased in some way, this podcast delivers a clearer bias because of how short the amount of time they can speak on a topic is. Even within prioritizing certain topics over others, there’s bias in what details they choose to include or exclude. The New York Times on the other hand, is still biased in that it headlines certain issues and is still confined to the limits of the physical paper but those limits are far less than a 20-minute podcast.