Final Project Personal Essay

I have studied in the U.S. since 2012. I initially did not expect myself to go to U.S. college. I came to the U.S. with the goal of improving my English with constant use. That means that I was planning to go back to my country after I graduated from high school. However, as my English and school grades improved, I began to dream of studying at a U.S. college. That continued dream has eventually led me pursue a well-rounded education at ‘the most beautiful campus’ in Georgia (in my opinion) until now. Turning a story to my eating habits, as my life of studying abroad gets longer, the void has left the back of my mind unable to be filled. It must probably be the loneliness followed by my separation from parents and friends.

(It literally describes me during my freshman year when I went on a binge almost every day due to the void of loneliness)

Daily binge eating brought me a sudden weight gain, stretch marks, and bouts of depression and severe lethargy. Although I started to recognize the necessity of correcting my bad eating habits and losing weight, it was not easy to do steady exercise and go on a diet during the semester at all. It was because I was not able to reduce or give up eating high-calorie food due to the intense academic stress. In other words, I was totally depending on eating food for stress reduction. For me, it was the only way to relieve stress. Furthermore, I was not habituated to exercising at all. With the hope of finding a way to at least control my binge, I began to browse all the related options online and learned about ‘eating show’ for the first time. It was introduced as a novel solution to the emptiness of modern people, who easily get lonely and hungry, on someone’s blog site. I found that introduction directly applicable to my situation. I still remember myself surrounded by amaze and curiosity at the fact that the mood of emptiness and loneliness I was suffering every day was not simply my own problem and rather a major concern in today’s society.

“I can relieve my appetite by watching someone else eating huge amounts of food that are more than I can have….His eating becomes content for a show?!” It was an unprecedented, groundbreaking concept!


(It was how I reacted to eating show when I encountered it on a blog post recommending  watching it for those always lonely and hungry)

Benzz, whose show was my first experience in watching eating show, is considered one of the most famous eating show hosts in South Korea. After reading the blog post I mentioned above, I looked up one of his eating show video clips on AfreecaTV, that was the online video streaming platform most famous for pioneering in eating show in South Korea at that time. odr026zo2566471jmn97

(Benzz is eating four servings of fried chicken while communicating with his audience in the live chat)

The best feature of his eating show is