Final Project Proposal

This semester, I hope to research two or three different meditation and mindfulness apps to understand the different approaches that entrepreneurs/gurus/mindfulness promoters utilize in order to share these techniques. I hope to unearth the different intentions that these creators have, why they have made certain decisions to share their content in certain ways, what type of users the creators target, and more. For my senior Interdisciplinary Studies thesis, I am taking a more broad look at the way in which individuals share meditation and mindfulness via Internet technologies, but this class will allow me to take a more focused approach by looking at specific phone applications. So far, I know of one great source that analyzes a Buddhist meditation app called Buddhify (source below), but I am on the lookout for more sources that specifically study the applications that I am interested in studying: Headspace, Calm, and Insight Timer. There is also a graduate student named Marianne Florian in the religion department who studies similar things, so I will make sure to get in touch with her.




Chapter 10 “Meditation on the Go: Buddhist Smartphone Apps as Video Game Play”

Written by Gregory Price Grieve

In Religion and Popular Culture in America 3rd edition; edited by Forbes and Mahan