Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to look at censorship of media, specifically demonetization and age-gating on YouTube, and how that affects the content creators put out and the content that audiences consume. I would like to look at a few parameters, for example, whether the amount of explicit language or politically sensitive ideas have decreased as YouTube’s demonetization rules have become stricter. I expect I will be able to research statistics on the number of views and the AdSense revenue that different kinds of YouTubers (gamers, skit comics, beauty vloggers, etc.) receive. I believe I could also follow one or a few long-time or extremely popular creators and see how their content has changed over time as YouTube as a site has changed its parameters regarding partnership and ad revenue. I think this topic is important to research because through this kind of indirect censorship, YouTube can influence what their incredibly large audience can and cannot consume, which in turn influences the cultural zeitgeist, from our entertainment media to news media to political media.