Final Project Proposal

The topic I have chosen to research over the course of this semester is microtransactions in video games. I have chosen this topic because microtransactions are a very popular sales model that many companies use in an attempt to rake in even more profit. However, some companies are abusing their consumers’ trust with underhanded schemes that trick the consumers into wasting their money. I hope to learn the different ways in which microtransactions are implemented in video games, and how effective microtransactions can be in determining a video game’s popularity and success. Hopefully this will help me determine if video games are better off without using any microtransactions. Currently my sources would include: 1) the New York Times and Los Angeles Times, which will show me the majority’s opinion on this topic, and 2) sources that are more focused in the video game industry (such as the video game magazine Game Informer) for opinions from inside the industry and more detailed perspectives on microtransactions.