Final Project Proposal

A few months ago I read a news report “BuzzFeed Set to Miss Revenue Target, Signaling Turbulence in Media on the Wall Street Journal regarding the situation of digital media platforms like Buzzfeed. Before I read the article I always consider digital media platforms to be highly profitable regarding its convenient nature. Very different from what I expected, the article is stating that these digital media platforms are having a hard time generating higher revenue. This has caught my attention so that I have decided to research on the so called “digital media bubble” of these media platforms. I have searched for a few articles, in all of which they talk about the duopoly of Facebook and Google. To continue working on this topic, I plan to mainly use reputable news resources like New York Times and Wall Street Journal. Also I am trying to find data on some annual reports from BuzzFeed, Vice, and Huffington Post etc. In order to do this I might need to access Goizueta Business School’s database. Digital media companies and advertising agencies are two of the main targets of a media student’s career. I am hoping to know better about the situation and prospect of digital media companies as well as investors’ choices of advertising. The research results might help me gain an insight into the market and help with my future career.BF-AV722A_BUZZF_16U_20171116190306