Final Project Proposal

For my final project, I would like to research the relationship between media and professional sports, specifically Major League Baseball. This topic is relevant as the season opens on March 29th. Media, including news coverage of sports and social media, have had a huge impact on the sports industry and how consumers perceive sports. Media affects fan experience and how fans interact and experience teams, coaches, and athletes. Media connects fans with other fans and with the players, making their experience completely different then what fans experienced prior to this extensive media coverage that exists now.

Despite media making sports more accessible and providing extensive coverage, it also has its downfalls. This comprehensive coverage of sports can also skew how fans perceive it in a negative way. Fans simply cannot just watch sports on cable or look at scores in the newspaper and develop their own opinions of teams, players and coaches and interpret plays and decisions themselves. Now, there are thousands of opinions, interpretations, and judgements that are put out by the media and influence fan experience. Media also has an affect on players and their decisions, whether it be sports related or political.

Through my research, I would like to  learn about how different networks and media outlets cover sports differently. I would also like to explore the affect that this coverage has on both spectators of sports, and facilitators, including athletes, coaches, and management.