Final Website Reflection

As this semester in Digital Media and Culture is ending, I have made some final revisions to my website. I edited my ‘About Me’ page to be more specific about what I’m studying and using my website to accomplish. I made minor changes, like adding a tagline, and aesthetic adjustments, like switching the fonts throughout the website, in this revision.

My main goal was to better organize my website and I feel that I accomplished that. I replaced the ‘Blog Posts’ page with navigation menus on the sidebar. There, I divided my posts into ‘News Responses’, ‘Reflections’, ‘Final Project’, and ‘Extra Credit’. Rather than scrolling through every post, they are now categorized by topic and organized in reverse-chronological order on the side of the page. This makes my website significantly easier to navigate.

I definitely feel that I have learned a lot by maintaining this website throughout the semester. It was a great way to organize and take ownership over my work. When it is on the Internet, it is available for anyone to see. That can be scary but ultimately, I am happy that I have this portfolio of the work I have done and do not plan to take down my website. I am interested to further polish my work and showcase it in the future, as well, like for a potential job. I also learned, and still have more to learn, about writing for the Internet which is different than writing an essay. I really enjoyed that part of this project. As a student that is interested in journalism, that was my biggest take away from this semester.