First Newspaper Post


For my second news source, I am choosing to read The Economist. For several years now, my Dad has read this magazine, and whenever I am home and see it laying around, I make sure to read it. There are several striking characteristics that make the magazine an attractive read. Off the bat, the front page tends to have hilarious, meaningful, and thought-provoking political cartoons that draw readers in. The magazine also has a very global approach, so although many stories are about American events or phenomena, the worldwide angles and stories really paint a more well-rounded picture. Further, it is a bit different from The New York Times, as The Economist is more politically moderate, and It is often difficult to perceive the writer’s bias. Even though I am a huge The New York Times fan, I feel that it does have a liberal slant; this is not always a bad thing, yet it is important to see current events from sources with different political leanings. The previous points really show why I like The Economist, but they are really just the appetizers. The main course is the actual writing. The magazine always has stellar, engaging content, and I am always excited to read more. I understand that I have only read the weekly magazines and that online, daily content will a bit different, so It will be cool to see these differences.