First Update/Reflection

This is the first time I have ever created a website on my own.  I did (and am still struggling) to find the shortcuts and easiest ways to customize the site to make it more personalized to me and what I would like to focus on.  Since I created this website, I have added pages to the menu including an About page where readers can learn more about me, a Blog Posts page where I will be posting my weekly news posts, and a Site Reflections page where I will be posting about my website updates.  At the moment, I am unable to post a picture of myself on my profile, but once I figure that out I hope to add photos to different places on the website.

Once I learn how to work the website settings better, I will be able to use the pages I added to the menu that I just mentioned.  The different pages will help me organize my posts so readers will not have to search for a specific piece of writing.

My goal throughout the semester is to continue learning how to better update my website and see the creative side to myself come out.  Also, I hope this website turns into a place where I can freely voice my opinion.  Throughout my Digital Media & Culture class with Professor Allison, I will be adding stories to this website every week.

I have always been a major sports fan, and I have used sports, specifically basketball, to express myself my whole life.  However, now that I have this website I am hoping to further explore the creative arts side to myself.