Google has made an action to remove spammy web ads

About two weeks ago, the Safari browser informed me of its new update featuring the blocking of website ads. Although this sounded very enticing to me, I still chose to stick to Google Chrome browser. Now, according to the article Google Will Block Spammy Ads (Just Not Many of Its Own), Google, too, is planning on reducing the web ads such as pop-up ones and those appear on one side of the page. However, as one of the main ways to generate revenue, it is questionable which kind of ads will be the target of this move. Noticeably, the video ads which appear on YouTube that you cannot skip is not included in the survey of ranking the most annoying ads.

I personally agree with this article and think this title to be pretty comprehensive. I will be working on the topic of digital media bubbles for this semester, and one of the main reasons that later-appeared digital media companies are diminishing is the decreasing of advertising investment on them. Will Google, a bellwether of the industry truly cut down large amount of web ads for better user experience?google