How I legitimized my website

The first image speaks a thousand words and is the most important one to any viewer. No matter how much people ridicule “judging the book by its cover”, it is human nature to do so.  For this reason, I wanted to use a picture for the front page of my website that gave a clear view of the vision with which this website was created. So, I picked a picture of a path that leads into an area that is covered by thick plantations. However, what is interesting about this picture is that its unclear as to where it leads as the end of it is unclear. It goes deeper than the usual, as it is unusual. It prompts curiosity and enforces active learning.

The next thing people are interested in is text. However, this text has to be clear, focussed and concise. To give voice to my vision, I came up with three simple words that align with the spirit of inquiry- “Observe, Inquire, Learn”.  After obtaining basic information about the website, the next logical thing that people want to know is something about the individual who created this website. Thus comes the “About Me” page which comprises a picture of me with an introduction of who I am and why I started this website.

Over the next few months, I plan to delve deeper into how humans interpret media globally and not just in one specific society.