I Chose NPR

It may not be the most creative or unique choice, but NPR has been a part of my life ever since I was a wee lad carpooling to elementary school. For a while, I gave it an undeserved hatred, because I didn’t like the kids I carpooled with. Yes I was that petty. Lately though, I’ve found myself going back to NPR for their tiny desk series. It’s a very exciting collection of small form live performances by artists big and small. I highly recommend looking through there library, and I guarantee that you will find a performance that you fall in love with, whether that be someone you already listen to or someone that you never have. I feel as though NPR is widely regarded as more of a liberal news source, but they always seemed to try and take the most unbiased track that they can. I never really was someone who read “real news.” I’ve always been more a fashion/music blog follower, and never really concerned myself with the issues of the world. As of right now, my fastest, most reliable source of news is Imgur, an image aggregation social media site, so I’m interested to see how an official news provider compares to these news sources. NPR is a very prestigious and well regarded news source, which makes it kind of an obvious choice for a second news source to read alongside the NYT, but I think it holds a special place in my heart, and I still feel bad for my slanderous comments when I was younger.