Initial News Response

I have selected Wired as my secondary news source that I will be following this semester. Wired is a magazine published both in print and online which follows emerging technologies and chronicles the impact of these technologies on politics, economics and culture. I believe this source is the perfect one to keep tabs on during my time in this Digital Media and Culture course because it will keep me updated on revolutionary technological developments and their effects on society as a whole. While the New York Times does a phenomenal job covering virtually all news relevant to our modern society, Wired magazine offers a different viewpoint which is derived from its orientation as primarily a technology news source. By following Wired I will be able to focus on news detailing how developing technology is influencing our world. This technological viewpoint will be very valuable, especially when viewed with the New York Times. Not only will I learn about the new, emerging technologies from Wired, I will be able to pair these learnings with the New York Times’ unparalleled general news reporting and in doing so I will be able to explore how these new tools could soon become incorporated into or alter major news trends found in the Times. I hope that my study of Wired and the New York Times helps me gain a deeper and more holistic understanding of the development of technology and salient ways that these emerging technologies will define the world moving forward.