Initial Thoughts (Reflection #1)

399494-200To get started on my website, I’ve edited and adjusted some of its aesthetic elements. I customized a website icon for the headers and the URL bar, updated the theme, background image, background color, and text. The skyline photo of New York City acts as a small representation of my hometown. I created a menu bar and added categories entitled “Contact,” “About Me,” “Reflections,” and “News Responses.” While over the course of the semester, I would like the homepage to be a running, chronological collection of my news responses and reflections, I think it will be helpful to have each respective post type be more easily accessible through these more specific pages.

I changed the title of my blog to “Through My Eyes: Examining Today’s Digital Media and Culture.” The title is a fitting one, as over the course of the semester I hope to cultivate a collection of writing that is representative of not only the way I read, interpret, and discuss the news and media, but provides an overall picture of the ways in which my interpretations and discussions evolve over this time, even if it is only just a semester. While this blog is, of course, being used for the purposes of this class, I hope to be able to utilize it for a more personal journey as well. I know that it will be meaningful to have a collection of my own writing and thoughts about the current events of the world as they happen, and I intend to use this site for some personal self-reflection in addition to what is required of our class assignments. I hope to keep and maintain the website beyond this class, and to use it as a place to digitally represent myself and display any important information and content for future reference and even employment opportunities. I will continue to make aesthetic and organizational changes as I see fit, and as my thoughts and responses to the digital world evolve and grow and necessitate changes to the website’s original structure.