new stuff on the site

I’ve added some new and exciting pages on my website here. You may notice the page titled “wow,” which is a quote taken from the great actor, Owen Wilson. This page is dedicated, as I so eloquently put it, things I can stare at for an extended period of time (at least like 30 seconds). Primarily, I’m hoping to populate this page with stills from movies that really made me stop and say “wow.” As of right now it only has 3 stills from Blade Runner 2049 (masterpiece) and one still from Ghost in the Shell (1995). I will keep posting regularly and updating this page to be much more usable. Probably.

You may also notice the page titled, happy ears. This page is dedicated to music that really wraps me up in a nice audio blanket and keeps me warm. Not included in this page are a student subscription to Tidal hifi, some audiophile grade equipment, and a bourbon vanilla candle. I recommend all these things to up your music listening experience. Yes, I think your Beats are trash.

You may have also noticed that super edgy description of the website below the already edgy title. Yeah. I told you it wasn’t a phase mom.

I’m getting distracted though, lets focus on what I’m going to do with this website. I don’t really know. I’m sure that my experience with reading more news that I ever have before will expand my mental horizons in a lot of ways, and I will try to use this website to promote things that I think are cool. Also, I’m going to post homework assignments here. Going to do some of that.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the page, and I hope that I can continue to put forth a lot of effort in making this website an enriching and entertaining experience for both of us.