News Response 1

Dr. Allison


31st January, 2018.

News Response


We always knew Dogs had a sixth sense, but who could think they would be used in digital media to discuss Artificial Intelligence? At the very beginning of the front page, sits a dog with a lion hair wig which is a great attention grabber for most audiences. It’s a great idea considering the percentage of American population that loves dogs, let alone owns one. It’s also posted by Facebook, another trusted brand throughout the world.

The next thing that catches eyeballs is a complete drift from the topic. There is a sudden switch to the super bowl. What is also interesting is that no real information is mentioned about it, just an animation of a few football players with one of them yelling “Hut!, Hut!, Hut!”. There is use of minimal text in this piece. However, minimal text here does not mean there is no catch here. What the text does is incite curiosity. It makes use of the nature of the Game and appeals to the sentiments of the audience which is deeply rooted in American football. Several use of exclamations followed by more mysteriousness to the degree that “even players are not sure why” makes any American want to read on and find out more.