News Response 1: Super Bowl Coverage

Monday night (02/05/2018) the 52nd Super Bowl took place on Live Television.  The contest was between the favorited New England Patriots and the underdogs of the Philadelphia Eagles.  The Philadelphia Eagles would go on to take the victory and bring the Super Bowl trophy to its city for the first time in history.  The city of Philadelphia had been waiting a very long time for this, and, coming from a girl born raised in the outskirts of Philadelphia, this was one of the greatest accomplishments this city has yet to watch.

Of course, the Super Bowl was covered by all the big news sites.  Specifically, covered multiple stories regarding the great American tradition.  One of the news reports that stood out to me talked about the number of people tuned in to Monday night’s game.  The reporter stated that an average of 103.4 million people were watching.  However, he then went on to explain, “The number is down 7% from the 111.3 million that tuned in for last year’s Super Bowl…” (Pallotta, Frank).  This statistic was very surprising to me because 7% accounts for a large number of people when talking millions.  In addition, I was intrigued at that fact that the 103.4 million people only covers those that watched from a television in their home.  For instance, this number does not take into consideration the amount of people who watched the game at a restaurant or a bar (Pallotta, Frank).  Being one of the, probably, millions of people who did not watch from a television in my home, I can only imagine how much bigger of a number that would jump taking all things into consideration.


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