News Response #10

This week, I read an article titled “YouTube Star Prompts Conversation about Social Anxiety”. This title especially sparked my interest because in my opinion, YouTube has always been associated with humorous and silly videos. I’ve never thought about YouTube being associated with serious issues or concerns. After reading this article, I realized how influential and powerful YouTube can be, even if it’s not about the content in the videos, but about people who are well-known because of it. This article is about how a YouTube star was determined to start a conversation with her fans about social anxiety. In her initial tweet, Jessie Paege explained exactly how she feels when she experiences social anxiety. She describes that it is not just about staying indoors and avoiding people, but also about feeling trapped in your thoughts and wanting to use your voice. This tweet sparked many of her followers’ interests, and encouraged them to share their own experiences about dealing with social anxiety and stress. I think it is important to realize that through all of the fame and popularity, even YouTube stars can suffer with mental diseases that any ordinary person can have. Social media plays an impactful and positive role in spreading the word about issues like these. Tweets allow for people to realize that they are not alone when they suffer with certain problems. It can feel comforting and powerful to know that even famous people have the same problems as ordinary people and to learn about how they deal with it.