News Response 10

This week I read the article, Review: ‘Westworld’ Gets a Partial Upgrade for Season 2, in the New York Times. The creators of Westworld had teased fans by releasing a video containing spoilers to season 2 of the acclaimed show. Fans were instead treating to a Westworld “rickroll”. The video contained star Evan Rachel Wood singing Never “Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

The video did allude to aspects of season 2, specifically problems that were solved and problems that are yet to be. The show’s premise seems more game like than narrative, however despite the complexity of characters they lack that final touch that pushes character involvement to an equal level.

The first season of Westworld discussed the consciousness and exploitation of these robots purely for the real world to enjoy. The new season plans to create deeper involvement in the narratives of the individual robots, a problem many had with the first season. This allows audience members to attain a more rounded scope of the robot characters.

I have yet to see all of season one of Westworld, but it reflects many concepts we’ve discussed in class. First and foremost, the show is basically a visualization of the idea of multiverses and full immersion into a game universe, a concept we’ve talked about earlier in the year. Additionally, it incorporates our recent lesson on narrative based games. Westworld almost represents what Bioshock infinite could be in the future (hopefully not).