News Response #2

Last week, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was revealed to be involved in a sex scandal, in which he is supposedly having a child with a former staff member. Scandals themselves are not rare in politics, and have been far more scandalous in the past. Bill Clinton comes to mind, for example. Even Australia has had its fair share of scandals: Troy Buswell, Matt Brown, Sir Billy Snedden. What makes this scandal more interesting to me is the fact that apparently, the Australian media is reluctant to report in depth on said scandal.

In America, when there is a scandal about someone as high up as Joyce, it is inescapable in the news for at least a few weeks after the news breaks. Take Rob Porter, for example: his alleged abuse of his wife, and the reactions of White House officials around him, are constantly being reported on in the media, even on the front page. The Australian media, however, is apparently “part cultural,” as the Australian media has long tried to distance itself from the “tabloid press” of Britain, and indeed, most of the rest of the free world. In America, the most talked about news nowadays is President Trump’s latest tweet, instead of the latest bill that he signed. Australian media seems to have it the other way around, but seemingly at the expense of reporting about the scandal at all, which is an incredibly strange concept to someone like me, who has grown used to news media being half tabloid.