News Response #2

The article I have selected to respond to is about Amazon’s development of their artificial technology holdings across their business and the synergy they have created in applying their machine learnings. The article explores how Amazon, in the past five years has seriously ramped up their artificial intelligence operations and have now made the AI the central uniting piece of their business. Amazon uses the metaphor of a flywheel to describe how their huge business is able to work together to create continuous motion and their pursuit of predominance in artificial intelligence is the perfect example of this flywheel. The article chronicles how the company has invested huge amounts of time, resources and talent into its development of artificial intelligence technologies and how this push has resulted in Amazon becoming the leader in AI and machine learning. This dominance has allowed the company to incorporate their AI into numerous aspects of their business, including consumer hardware, such as the Echo and corporate clients, such as the NFL and C-SPAN who pay Amazon for their machine learning capabilities.

This article fits nicely into the themes and topics we have been exploring in class, especially as it relates to the film Ex-Machina. In the film, a fictional creator of the world’s most popular search engine uses the data generated by users to create a heartlessly brilliant humanoid robot named Ava. The article makes it clear that this type of machine learning on the back of macro-consumer data is definitely possible and will be developing rapidly at Amazon over the coming years.