News Response 2/1/18

In addition to reading the New York Times, I have chosen to follow Fox News as a second news source. I thought that Fox News would be an interesting source to follow because it is extremely popular and it distributes the news through various different media outlets including cable, their website, Facebook, and Twitter. Fox News is easy to access and it is the most watched cable news channel. Since it is available through many different means, it reaches a wide age range of audiences. I also thought that Fox News would be an interesting perspective because it contrasts in political biased with the New York Times. The New York Times has a reputation for leaning left and having a more liberal perspective. It will be interesting to see viewpoints from both sides as Fox News has a reputation for leaning right and having a conservative bias.

The New York Times is more widely read than Fox News because it is distributed as a newspaper circulation, but Fox News also has outreach via cable television. Both news sources are available online through their websites, and you can access articles from both sources through Twitter, Facebook, etc.

For both Fox News and The New York Times, most of their patrons retrieve their news through their respective websites. When comparing the two sites, resembles a typical newspaper. The site is mostly in black and white and the articles on the homepage are arranged to look like the front page of a newspaper. In contrast, when you open, bright red and blue font is apparent, along with clips and photos that accompany articles. Since these two news sources diverge in style and bias, it will provide me with wide range of different perspectives and news stories to read about as I follow the news this semester.