News Response #3

Article Discussed: Digital Detox: Helping kids strike a balance between the screens


The relationship between the use of online media and child development has been recently brought up again by child experts. The arguments expressing concern over behavioral and health problems caused by the overexposure to online media are increasingly coming up. The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) says that kids overusing online media are put at risk of psychosocial maladjustment including depression and trouble with real-life relationships. Sawa Senzaki, Assistant professor at the Department of Human Development and Psychology at UW-Green Bay, also emphasizes the importance of understanding the benefits and the risks of using media for the conscious balance between the virtual world and the reality. She warns about possible heath issues followed by the overuse of media through the correlation between children’s pleasure and their levels of dopamine(active hormones) in the brain.

If children get pleasure, dopamine levels in their brain, the active hormones can get stimulated and if they are over stimulated, that’s what they are going to want in the future, it’s then hard to get something less, if you’re always getting that pleasure kind of hormone,” said Senzaki.