News Response 5

The article “Facebook and Google Struggle to Squelch ‘Crisis Actor’ Posts” from the New York Times described the efforts made by these media moguls to eliminate the posts generated saying untrue information about the persons involved in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The posts generated have claimed that the people involved were actors not real victims of a school shooting. Despite their commitment and dedication to eradicating posts that spew this false information, Facebook has seen that the total eradication of such posts and their sources are far from eradicated. These creators of this false information have used multiple tactics to avoid being automatically detected. Instead of the term “propaganda”, they have used “hoax” to evade the detection. This pattern of Facebook being consistently one step back behind these false content creators is a testament to the amount of content generated. Facebook allows for users to post content at their will, thus allowing a large part of the structure of Facebook to be user generated. The inability of Facebook’s correction of this false news scandal has begged the question of who is truly running the show.

I feel this scandal relates to our discussion in class regarding how much information is being stored about us through websites like Facebook. This is a testament to how much information Facebook has in all totality. There is an innumerable amount of information Facebook has solely based on the information we willingly give, not including the information that is being tracked on us.