News Response 9

I read the article, An Inside Look at Your Favorite Dating Sites, discusses the popularity of dating apps. Dating apps have transformed as they’ve become more and more popular. For example, has appeared which targets a niche audience of not only farmers but people who subscribe to a “country” living. The League is another popular dating app that places a lot of emphasis on elitism as a factor to encourage people to apply and as an incentive of only finding the “cream of the crop” in this group.

The article then interviews the “concierge” of the league. The concierge provides answers to questions users may have on the league. The concierge interviewed was actually considered a League success, she didn’t overuse the league and wasn’t jaded by over dating so she was able to remain optimistic and open to all the people she meant and ultimately ended up meeting someone she was really happy with.

The article author then interviews the founder for They discussed similar things to the League concierge. They also interviewed the founder of which targets an audience of older daters.

I particularly found this article interesting because I think amongst college students Tinder and Bumble are the most used dating apps. I think that this presents a problem as they are generally overused. I personally didn’t realize that your account and profile stays on these apps until you completely deactivate; regardless of whether or not you delete the app.