News Response 9

Web privacy is a hot debate today, considering Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook had to answer questions in Congress about data privacy and his responsibility to users.

Today, the reason why social networking sites like Facebook are so big is because they operate by obtaining data from users and then selling that data to various companies. The article is written from a personalized standpoint of a facebook “lurker”- someone who does not use Facebook much and seldom clicks on ads. The author addresses how he learnt that his contact information was available to a huge number of advertisers, that Facebook had access to his phonebook and that even the people she deleted off her friend list was available to Facebook. Not just that, even the locations from which the author logged into Facebook were recorded, which again is a huge breach of one’s privacy and safety.

Nothing can be deleted from Facebook or any other social media site. When you click on “delete” all it does is make it invisible.  In reality, once posted, a post or a picture cannot be removed as it enters the database forever-this is the ugly truth of digital social media.