News Response: The Falcon Heavy

On February 6th, Elon Musk’s company SpaceX successfully launched the Falcon Heavy, a rocket built by the company itself. The Falcon Heavy was basically an upgraded version of the Falcon 9 rocket, which usually carries cargo to space, but this achievement was special in that NASA wasn’t involved. This makes it the first time a rocket this powerful was launched into space by a private company instead of a government space agency. Elon Musk has had aspirations of colonizing Mars, which he hopes to eventually achieve by starting another space race with the launch of the Falcon Heavy.

Musk also put a car on the Falcon Heavy with a mannequin wearing a spacesuit in it, as a sort of playful joke. This doesn’t surprise many people, for many already view Elon Musk as the closest thing we’ll get to a mad scientist. He has a long list of achievements that range from impressive, such as founding SpaceX and co-founding Tesla, Inc., to ridiculous, like the Boring Company’s recently introduced flamethrower.  It is entirely plausible that Musk does these things just to have some fun, and because he can, but one can also say that these seemingly silly things also help in his companies’ publicity. All the crazy things that Musk does would certainly bring attention to himself and his companies, and perhaps interested investors and such; even news outlets are helping by spreading tales of his scientific stunts. But it shouldn’t be a major concern, for Musk shows no signs of using his genius for immoral intentions, at least as far as we know.