No. 1: Email vs. On-Site News

In addition to the New York Times, I will analyze two email based news sources—the Daily Beast’s “Cheat Sheet” and the Skimm. Both of these news sources send quick glosses of daily news directly to your email. Currently, I receive both and am subscribed to various of the Daily Beast’s specialized cheat sheets as well.

I chose to do two of these email news sources because while they serve a similar function, they are actually quite different. The Skimm was designed specifically to act as an app and email news source. The Daily Beast, however, is primarily a more traditional digital news source with full-length articles and archives. Both of these email sources are written in short-form and often contain quips or witty jokes. Based on my first impression and readings of both, they are aimed towards a younger audience who wants to receive news quickly and in an entertaining medium.

I am interested to see which of these sources if either has more of a slant and if there is a clear reason why.

The New York Times has a similar feature on their website, however, it is formatted more like a timeline of events. Both of these news sources differ from the New York Times in that they seem to be attempting to reach a more niche audience. Contrastingly, the New York Times attracts a diverse group of readers through its wide breadth of articles and its position as a respected news source. Both the Skimm and the Daily Beast are a bit younger and have and what could be described as an “edgier” vibe.