No. 2: Site Makeover

For my website, I wanted the overall aesthetic to be simple. I find that minimalist sites tend to be the most user-friendly and easy to navigate. The theme I chose highlights my posts and brings visitors directly to them when going onto my website. I decided to forgo a homepage because in my experience they can be distracting and do not often add value to the overall site especially when it is a blog format. Additionally, I thought this theme would act as an effective format for highlighting a variety of media posts–i.e. text only, video, etc., which is important for this course.

Over the course of the semester, I hope to create a forum that is conducive to discussing a range of different media forms. As discussed above, I believe that my site is laid out in a way where the theme will not distract readers so my posts and chosen media can speak for themselves. Through my site, I will also gain experience in sticking to a regular posting schedule and developing unique content. Currently, I am a social media intern at a beauty company and I have experience scheduling posts and creating regular original content and copy. In my opinion, this skill is extremely important and I think that maintaining my own site will help hone what I have already worked on.

Elements I added to my site include, an about page, social media links, and a section for “tags”. Social media links are important because it creates a connectivity and cohesiveness across platforms. As of now, I have shared links to my LinkedIn and Pinterest, which are two of my favorite social media sites. My about page gives a short bio and describes what the core of this site is about. The “tags” section will act as a guide so users can easily navigate the site.