No. 3: 2018 Media Trends


Ogilvy’s 2018 Industry Trends

For the past few summers, I have had the opportunity to intern in a variety of social media, PR, and marketing positions. Working in these industries, I have found it interesting to follow consumer trends and understand what resonates with people.

While, I was on LinkedIn this week, I came across an article published by Ogilvy, a New York based agency, on top media trends that will affect marketing, PR, etc. in the coming year. These trend predictions, include, augmented reality (AR), “live streaming content”, and content that is increasingly personalized.

I specifically, found their take on AR and live streamed content to be extremely interesting. Companies like Snapchat have already begun experimenting with AR with innovative results. This past October, they unveiled Snapchat ART, which place Jeff Koons’s pieces in the real world. Similar to Pokemon GO, users were intrigued by the idea of finding and searching for these in their own reality. It seems that in the future, AR could be used as a way to create hype publicity for brands and be a potential guerrilla marketing technique. With the increasing reliance on smartphones, AR could be an interesting way to reach consumers anywhere at any time.

Another important industry trend that was highlighted is the rise of live streamed content. Specifically, the article looks at Bloomberg’s constant live streamed news program, TicToc, which is exclusively on Twitter. I found this to be interesting because it points to the need for people to have constant connection to media. Recently, apps like Snapchat have taken advantage of this by adding “stories”, which give real-time current event updates. YouTubers have also adopted this trend with channels live streaming Q + A sessions with their subscribers. This trend shows an opening of communication channels where viewers and content creators are constantly in contact.