Overview and Navigation of Site

This site serves as an outlet to share the work that I completed throughout the duration of my time in Multimedia Journalism (ENG201W) and Digital Media and Culture (FILM 208). The main menu can be used to navigate between my blog posts on the home page and my ‘about’ page, along with my storify, feature story, podcast, and video assignments respectively. You can also use the twitter link in the bottom right corner of this page to follow me as I #TracktheNews through my tweets.

The cover photo I used for my website is sited as such:

Media, ATLAS Social. “Social Media Koppelingen.” Flickr, Yahoo!, 10 Feb. 2017, http://www.flickr.com/photos/atlassocialmedia/32786886766/in/photolist-RXgna9-dyxsH5-S7w8UL-e5wZ3t-8uMLMj-8h6sWa-firryD-nZU9tu-8NM3he-6AX2Qo-7ND8Xw-ax3fZ6-e1yRKg-5XNfPs-TK5oQF-aFy3bt-c9FLYw-fgx2YY-eMnSfC-deoZtb-7TGMs7-8onC9R-rBoGVq-fiFCow-qMfqE7-6FkPYG-auagJ4-4kKMgP-d41HES-qi7hrH-nZUnJL-9Dgi47-71ZNv4-dXX1bU-7Kh7bs-nX21xv-754QPy-dWUWcb-6wzM1U-gaAzZ6-7R7gx2-6DtPYC-dvUxYM-UcX9Dd-dAgDr2-9EH48j-pSeu1d-dhZgBu-JYFT48-6yNCXa.